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Intellectual Property (IP) rights are negative rights in that they are rights to exclude others from making, using or selling the products or services that incorporate your trademark, patent, design and copyright.

As all businesses have some sort of IP subsisting in them, and all businesses – no matter the industry – have competitors who are constantly trying to outdo each other to snag more market share and become a leader in their respective industry, it is only natural that infringement of IP (either innocent or deliberate) and various other IP-related lawsuits occur.

At IP XPERT, we help our clients use their IP rights as a tool to prevent others from entering their market domain and assist clients against attacks they may face from others who allege that our clients are infringing third party rights. Although we do not represent clients in Court ourselves, we have a team of trademark and patent attorneys in our associated law firm who appear in Court in their dark robes, seeking justice for our clients. They are experts in IP litigation and come with years of experience in the field.

Apart from offering legal representation in Court, we provides IP litigation advice and handles advisory work, negotiations, drafting of commercial and legal documents, all the way to the enforcement of your rights, as well as immediate solutions such as injunctions, agency enforcements and so forth to manage and protect your exclusive rights from any unlawful interferences.

Litigation support is crucial as it allows the trademark and patent attorney to focus on the case at hand while all the legwork and research is handled by the support team. If the collected data, evidence and expert witnesses’ testimony is not in favour of the client, we will strive to negotiate an out-of-court settlement for the client.

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